Thriving in Mercury Retrograde (4 Easy Steps)

∴ Hello, Gentle Being ∴

The Mercury Retrograde is coming.  And you know what that means… chaos!  Absolute chaos!! 😭

Okay, maybe not that bad, but this is the time when many empaths and highly sensitive people have difficulties in their day to day lives.  Speak to any New Age practitioner during retrograde, and it seems like they are stuck in the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette~ black flies in their Chardonnay, and 10,000 spoons when all they need is a knife… well, you get the idea.  But…

We do not have to fight against the current in the Mercury Retrograde.

Briefly put, the Mercury Retrograde is when it looks as though Mercury is moving backwards as it orbits, or moves around the sun.  In reality, it isn’t.  So the retrograde is all about perception and energies.  Mercury is still moving forward, as it has forever and ever.

So, to thrive in the retrograde, you must shift your perception and learn to work with the differing energies.


Here are 4 Easy Ways to Thrive in the Retrograde


#1  Make sure you are not just reinforcing negative beliefs.


Everyone tells you Mercury retrograde sucks, so you internalize the belief and voila!  It sucks.

Law of Attraction at work.  Placebo effect at work.  Mind-body-connection at work.  Countless books have been written (both metaphysical and scientific) about the power of belief.

I myself come across bumps and setbacks all throughout life, as is typical of living in a crazy world, and I never made the connection to the retrograde until someone pointed it out.  For a while, it did make sense.  I noticed the bumps and bruises a lot more during the retrograde.

But once I stepped back, I realized that I was shifting my behavior to notice and expect chaos during the retrograde.  And what happens when you expect?  You get.

So begin by undoing the very common, very pervasive belief that everything will go wrong during the retrograde, like a New Age version of Murphy’s Law.

Take a deep breath.  The energies are different, but you can work with them!

Which brings me to…


#2  Go on Retrograde Yourself


Remember back when we were kids, and we’d have “opposite day”?

No, we didn’t go around in a fit of anarchy, but we did things differently.  It was wacky and fun.  For a few moments or hours, we’d let go of our “reality” and embrace the chaotic silliness of life.

During the retrograde, do different things, do things differently.

Welcome the chaos.  It’s always fun to have breakfast for dinner.  Doing things a little differently (or even completely opposite of what you would normally do) will keep you from moving against the flow.  When the energies shift, shift with them.  Roll with the punches.

The Mercury retrograde is actually a great opportunity to change and reverse negative habits.

Remember those New Year’s resolutions that you simply can’t seem to stick to?  Take advantage of the retrograde ene
rgies to reverse and undo those blocks.  You have a whole planet helping you with this!  So let’s have opposite days, which is just as fun as the next one…


#3  Embrace the RETRO in Retrograde


Retro = relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past.  How fun is that??

If you’re over 30, like me, you may have very nostalgic feelings about the fashions of the ’90s (or ’80s, or ’70s, or even ’60s!).  So embrace the “retro” aspect of the Mercury retrograde.

While we do not want to be stuck in the past, looking back can be so bittersweet and warm.  We can embrace who we used to be, and even work on our shadow.  When we look back, we can forgive that person we used to be, love the person we used to be, and even begin to heal the wounds we gathered when we were younger.

The retrograde is a time when we can look back and honor who we used to be.

Because that beautiful and confused person we used to be is what led us to who we are today 😊


#4  Meditate and Get Closer to Your Spirit Circle


Your Higher Power ~ God, Goddess, Lord and Lady and your spirit guides ~ angels, ancestors, saints ~ is what I like to call your Spirit Circle.

The Mercury Retrograde is a great time to connect with your Spirit Circle and receive their help.

Believe it or not, many people have receiving blocks.  They stem from worthiness issues and the hyper-independence that is taught in our modern society.  So when the Mercury Retrograde comes around, and you know you’ll be feeling a little wonky… ask for help!

The Retrograde is a great time to learn how to move out of the way, have faith, and let your Spirit Circle help.

You connect with them all the time, now step aside and allow them to directly assist you.


Okay, I said 4 easy steps, but here is a big reminder:  Mind your perception.

Poor Mercury, being blamed for everything, when it is just doing the same thing is has done for millennia.  It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t move backwards.  It is simply our point of view, or perception, that makes it look so.

Be careful what you expect during the retrograde, and try not to swim against the energetic current.

You might just find that you love letting go of control and working with the “backwards” energies of the retrograde 😉


Blessed Be )O(

~*Moody Thursday*~


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