The 3 Most Gentle and Easy Ways to Cleanse Crystals


♥ Hello, Crystal Lover ♥


I. Love. Crystals.

They are beautiful to look at.  They are an amazing scientific miracle.  When I hold a crystal in my hand, I feel like I am holding all of Mother Earth in my hands.

Most crystals are tough, sturdy, and durable.  I tried to break open a crystal geode once, and it was not fun.  It is still a whole, closed up geode, sitting by my books completely intact.

Although crystals can endure tumbling, blasting, and many things that hard rocks can endure, the energies within the crystal itself can be quite gentle.  To honor and work with those gentle energies, you can choose to cleanse your crystals in a way that is just as gentle.


💕 The 3 Most Gentle & Easy Ways to Cleanse Crystals 💕


#1  Bury in Uncooked Brown Rice



Uncooked brown rice has many of the negativity-absorbing abilities that soil does, but without the mess.  Using soil on rough crystals can cause some of the soil to go deep into the cracks, which would then have to be removed with rinsing or picking.  Not gentle.

Brown rice ensures easy cleanup, while still maintaining the ability to cleanse the crystal from any negativity it may have absorbed.




#2  Use Other Self-Cleaning Crystals


Having self-cleaning crystals in your collection is like having suckerfish in your fish tank.  Just like those little fish go around the tank cleaning it of algae, so do self-cleaning crystals absorb and cleanse the “algae” of your used crystals.

Place them together for a super-easy and consistent clean.

Examples:  Citrine, selenite, black tourmaline.  Also amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz (although these do benefit from their own cleansing monthly).




#3  Bathe Them in Moonlight



Many people set their crystals out in the sun, but the midday sun can be quite harsh.  If placed in the sun too often, crystals like amethyst lose their deep colors over time.  To get the same effect (while adding feminine energy as a bonus) set your crystals in moonlight instead.

A night under the light of the full moon, once a month, is enough to keep crystals gently cleansed and energized.




Blessed Be )O(

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