Positivity and Darkness


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Recently I saw a YouTube video of a Pagan man who was infuriated with Lightworkers and Witches who are positive and “harm none.”  Somehow, it really bothered him that we do not “embrace the darkness.”


“Embrace the darkness.”

What an absolutely abstract and undefined thing to say.


You see, to me, “darkness” came early into my life.  I grew up around alcoholism, dealt with a Narcissistic parent, and was already married (and divorced, and subsequently homeless) right when I turned 16.  Being on the streets at 16 was no easy feat, and I saw plenty of human darkness in the years that followed ~ including my own.

Is that the darkness he meant?

Or did he mean the dark recesses of the human mind?  Or did he mean masochism?


Regardless of how he defined “darkness,” Lightworkers and positive Witches tend to be classified as fragile little things that will break apart at the first sign of trouble.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Through my conversations with other Lightworkers (and not just throwing comments in an internet forum) I’ve heard the many amazing stories of strength.  Surviving breast cancer, overcoming a painful divorce, dealing with the death of a child, surviving childhood abuse… the list goes on and on.


And while on the surface these people would be easy to stereotype, underneath the gentle smile are stories of strength, personal power, and overcoming true darkness.


To put it simply, Lightworkers and positive Witches can be soft-spoken, kind, and compassionate.  But that does not automatically mean we are naive, unaware, or denying that life is suffering.

We have simply been through real darkness, and do not believe it should be taken lightly.


Here is my video where I speak a little more about this:

Bright Blessings )O(

~*Moody Thursday*~

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