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I am Open to Receiving 

 A 15 minute guided meditation and PDF.

Product Description

The I am Open to Receiving meditation is a downloadable 15-minute guided meditation and PDF.  This meditation guides you through the process of undoing any receiving blocks you may be experiencing due to limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness, or lack-mentality.  I will gently guide you through a visualization meditation of luxury, comfort, and receiving.

Included are instructions on how to get the most out of your guided meditation.  Also included is information about why most people feel uncomfortable manifesting material goods, examples of some of the items I have manifested into my life, and a detailed explanation of why the Universe sees no price tags!

Allowing yourself to receive openly is a skill that takes practice.  Use this meditation to break through the barrier and discomforts associated with wanting comfort, luxury, and beauty… and open yourself up to receiving!


**Due to the non-returnable nature of digital content, there are no refunds or returns for this item**


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