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Welcome to the 4th and last post for Cartomancy in February!  If this is your first time here, you can start from week one here.

Cartomancy Sample Spreads

Today, we are going to be looking at 3 simple spreads.  There are many, many different ways to create your own spreads.  This is just an example, so I highly encourage you to allow your creativity to shine🌟

🃏Simple 3-Card Spread🃏

This spread is ideal for the beginner, or if you’re pressed for time.  It’s also a good one for when you need a quick answer without over-thinking the issue.

Card 1 represents what actions have led you to your current situation.

Card 2 represents what you need to do to achieve your desired outcome (or the best possible outcome).

Card 3 represents a possible scenario ~ either your desire fulfilled, or a challenge you must overcome in order for your desire to be fulfilled.


🃏Looking Ahead to the Week Spread🃏

This spread is fantastic for living a guided, spirit-let life.  This spread gives you a message for each day of the week ~ advice, fore-warnings, and even encouragement.

Cards 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent a message for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (respectively).

Cards 5, 6, and 7 represent the weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If your week “starts” on a different day than Monday, feel free to shuffle the cards around.  A variation of this is to simply pick a random card, each and every day, without using a spread.


🃏Overcoming Obstacles/Jumping the Hurdle Spread🃏

This is a spread that works for all kinds of topics.  This spread is fantastic for shedding a light on what your real obstacles are in life, and ways in which you can overcome them.

This spread basically says “this is what is blocking you from your desire.”  Be aware that this spread will show you hidden fears and subconscious behaviors that are blocking your desire, so you may come face-to-face with some aspects of your shadow.

With this spread, we are going to actively choose card 5.

Begin by figuring out what it is you desire in life.  It could be love, a certain career, or a specific outcome.  Whatever it is that you want, look through the deck and find the card that most represents your desire.  Use your intuition for this~ there is no way to do this part wrong.

Place that card in spot 5.

Shuffle the deck and place cards 1 through 4 as shown in the picture above.

Card 1 represents where you are right now in relation to your desire.

Card 2 represents hidden fears about your desire.

Card 3 represents your behaviors affecting your desire.

Card 4 represents exactly what is blocking you from reaching your desire.


And that’s it!  It really is that simple.  Now all you have to do is spend some time with your cards 😉  And there are some really cool decks out there, for a very low price!  Here’s a pic of one of my favorite decks:

Thank you for joining me ♥

Goddess Bless )O(

~*Moody Thursday*~

For a printable PDF version of Cartomancy in February, check out this awesome freebie:

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