Wicca How-To: Book of Shadows


Wicca, Paganism, and Witchcraft: non-fiction

How to build a Book of Shadows for beginners.

Wicca How-To: Book of Shadows is a great companion for those learning The Craft. This ebook explains what the Book of Shadows is and how it is used. It guides you step-by-step so that you can create your own amazing Book of Shadows. This ebook explains different Book of Shadows formats and options so that your Book of Shadows will be personalized to your unique personality and practice.

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Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse


Gothic Teen Romance

Fifteen-year-old Bryexe is the weirdest girl in school. When Liam Cobain, a cute popular guy, is suckered into asking her out on a bet, Bryexe sees this as an opportunity. She asks for his help searching for something in an enchanted dollhouse. Bryexe and Liam soon realize that an attraction is starting to form between them~and that the enchanted dollhouse is a lot more dangerous than they thought.  Can they make their love work and find what she’s looking for?

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The Short Story Collection


Teen Fiction

My most popular stories, such as Nikki and the Vampire, The Girl in the Converse Shoes, and Just Dance.

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Black Magick: A Sinister Romance


Teen Paranormal Romance

Violet was an ordinary sophomore, until she met Ian. He wasn’t just the mysterious new kid. Determined to find out his secrets, Violet gets involved with Ian, who says he is trying to become immortal. She joins him in his nightly rituals under the full moon, where he kisses her passionately. When she discovers he’s trying to make her his, Violet wants nothing more than to BE his, forever…

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