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I have always known that I don’t fit in a box…

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Let’s talk about eclectic practices today.  More specifically, Christianity.

Long ago, at the beginning of my practice, when I was just a child of six, I was Catholic.

Not the “go to church on holidays” Catholic.  I was all in.  I was a Catechism classes, First Communion type of girl until a few things happened.  Number one, I had to confess to a priest (who, in my mind, was just a man).  And number two, I was absolved of my sins by repeating the same two prayers.

That didn’t seem quite right 😕  The first one was too detached from God.  The second, too easy.

And thus my search for God began.  At first, slowly (I was only six), and later (in my teens) more vehemently.

I began as agnostic.  I studied Buddhism and philosophy (around age 13).  When I found Paganism via Wicca, it spoke deeply to my heart, and I dove headfirst into the practice.  But…

Just because Paganism spoke to my heart, it didn’t mean that my search for spirituality would end there.

Why would it?  The world has so much to offer in terms of spiritual wisdom.  Why would I box myself in one practice?  To me, that would be trading one box for another.

So I always read books, listen to podcasts, and learn about other religions.  One of those religions is definitely Christianity.  And…

Many people are suuuuper uncomfortable with this.

Many people think you’re either Pagan, or Christian, but not both!!  My goodness, how dare you choose more than one religion to learn from??

And especially Christianity?? It is the enemy!

Christianity is often viewed as the polar opposite of Paganism.

At best, oil and water ~ they just don’t mix.  At worst, complete enemies.

For a long time, I thought the same way.  But once I opened my mind to books and Christian topics, I’ve found that there is so much beautiful wisdom to be learned from Christianity.

Do I agree 100% with the bible?  No.  Do I agree 100% with Pagan books and teachings?  Also no.

But I squeeze the spiritual wisdom from both, and it has enriched my spiritual life tremendously.  I’ve learned to bridge the gap between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and I’ve made some awesome Christian friends along the way.

Stereotyping Christianity as a negative religion is the same as stereotyping Paganism as a negative religion.  Same. Exact. Thing.

Religious intolerance is religious intolerance, no matter which side of the fence you are screaming from.

I’m not sure exactly why, but many Pagans are deeply offended by Christianity.  They bring up videos of fanatic Christians speaking out against Paganism to prove their points.  Well, guess what?

Yep, there’s some pretty crazy Christians out there.  But there’s also more than a few crazy Pagans!

If you look for the negative, regardless of where you look, you will find it.

But, I do understand that some of us have had very negative experiences with the church.  I have, too.  Over time, I’ve learned to separate the negative experience from the teachings/wisdom of the religion.  With Christianity, and with Paganism.

Yes, I’ve also had negative experiences with Pagans.

I was intensely sexually harassed by Pagans in my teens.

These so-called “Wiccans” in the small town I grew up in would harass me constantly.  I was 14-15 years old, and set on getting out of that small town.  That meant, not becoming a teen mom.  That also meant, I wanted to meet a good guy before having sex.

Those “all acts of love and pleasure” Wiccans harassed me constantly about sex.  Why was I being a prude?  Did I not know that sex was beautiful?  Why was I a stuck-up bitch?  Why did I not embrace sexual freedom?  Why couldn’t I just let them f— me?

For Goddess’ sake, I was 14.

And besides, unprotected sex was not my idea of a good time.  They harassed me enough for me to completely change who I was hanging out with.

But I did not, and do not, allow those experiences to shape how I think about all Pagans.

I quickly learned that, if someone is going to hurt you, they will try to~ no matter what religion they belong to.

I’m not asking you to suddenly change your practice ~ if Christianity doesn’t speak to your heart, it just doesn’t, and that’s okay!

Many aspects of Christianity are speaking to my heart.

More-so lately as I embrace my partner’s spirituality the way he does mine.  The more I open my mind to Christianity, the more I can see its beauty and wisdom.

This doesn’t mean I’m jumping from a Pagan box to a Christian box.  Boxes do not hold me in.  I’m not this or that.  That’s just simply not me.

And I must say, I’m saddened by the many Christian Pagans, Christian Witches, or Eclectics out there being shamed by the Pagan community for being open-minded.  That’s simply ridiculous.

We are all on our own spiritual path, and we have the right to practice as we wish.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

You cannot ask for tolerance out in the world if you’re not willing to practice it in your own life.

The microcosm does reflect in the macrocosm.

Bright Eclectic Blessings )O(

~*Moody Thursday*~

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